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Welcome to Australian Marijuana Seeds, Australia's Official Seed Bank. You'll find a very large selection of Australian Marijuana (AMS) seeds, Australian feminized seeds, and our auto flowering marijuana seeds to meet your needs for the demanding Australian climate. Aussie's Legit Seed Bank Shipping in Australia. Tired of your seeds getting confiscated, it's impossible with our 100% guaranteed discrete stealth domestic shipping via your local Postie. Check out the Top Seed Banks to buy from in 2022.


Australian Marijuana Seeds

Australian Marijuana Seeds Perfected Stealth Shipping

Australian Marijuana Seeds has perfected its stealth shipping so that your local Postie has no idea what's in your delivery, no one in your family will know either. You may even need some guidance from our support to find your precious seeds as they are so well hidden. Shipping is so perfectly stealth and discrete. Make a confident and safe purchase from our Australian Seed Bank.


The Australian Marijuana Seeds Banks

Your old and reliable Aussie Cannabis Seed Bank that delivers to Australia and New Zealand guaranteed! Super discrete shipping down under and globally. Reliable Australian Marijuana Seed Bank for over 20 years! We know how to get you the best Australian Cannabis Seeds delivered to your home, right the first time.


Marijuana Strains that can handle Australian climate

YES WE HAVE THOSE, many of those. Just check out our seeds selection, it's HUGE! Seed Banks in Australia Seed banks are storage facilities where the seeds are stored for future use. Here the seeds are kept under cultured environment to ensure that they are not tampered and could be used in the long run.

Apart from Australian seeds, Australian seed bank preserves seeds of different kind of species collected from various parts of the world. These seeds are preserved properly in these seed banks and are then used in the future if there is any shortage. These seed banks have Australian outdoor climatized seeds. Seed banks are used in many countries of the world, and their purpose is same, that is to store seeds for future use. Besides, these seeds are also used to carry various kinds of experiments. Australian seed banks have sophisticated storage site. Here seeds are stored and are nurtured so that they can be used in the future. Despite of several challenges which the seed banks from all over the world experiences, still they remain to be an important part of the Australian agricultural sector.

Best American Seed Bank

Maybe you not based in Australia and you were just curious checking out some Aussie Strains. Well if your based in the USA, you can visit American Seed Banks to buy all the world's greatest strains locally.