The Girl Scout Cookie: A New Marijuana Strain from Australia

The Girl Scout Cookie: A New Marijuana Strain from Australia

Australian Cannabis community celebrates the popularity of the newest phenomenon strain in the medical market, The Aussie Girl Scout Cookie, a strong mix of OG Kush and F1 Durban Poison which was created in 2007. The Aussie Girl Scout Cookie became a hit when it was mentioned in the rap songs of Wiz Khalifa and Berner. It gained extreme popularity and high demands. However, because of this, some manufacturers started to create imitations of it, thus distributing a not genuine The Girl Scout Cookie to the public.

Popular Australian Strains

Despite its popularity, people were unclear at first of The Girl Scout Cookie’s origin. In fact, people were, at first, mistaken that it came from California due to its popularity there. Also, it was believed to be backcrossed with Cherry Kush. However, geneticists later on found out that it was created and bred in British Columbia, Canada. It was also found out that there’s no direct relationship between The Girl Scout Cookie and Cherry Pie which makes it impossible to be backcrossed with Cherry Kush. Furthermore, The Girl Scout Cookie’s lineage doesn’t include Grand Daddy Purple.

Outdoor Australian Cannabis

The Girl Scout Cookie grown outdoors is in form of different shades of green mixed with a bit of purple and orange hairs. Its penetrating smell is accompanied with a minty-sweetand earthy aroma. This is actually compared by the people to sweet pastries, wood varnish, diesel fuel, and lemon pinesol.

Because of the great high GSC gives to its user which results to intense mental stimulation, giddiness and euphoria, it is best for patients who have anxiety, chronic stress, migraines, depression and pain. It could also be useful for people who want to cure their insomnia, nausea and appetite loss since it makes its users energized and relaxed. It gives an intense smoking experience too because it is a strong potent, which has over 20% THC. The Girl Scout Cookie’s best quality is that it has a little bit of everything which makes its users satisfied when using this.

The Girl Scout Cookie could be grown indoors or outdoors. It still needs a room to grow, however, despite being a resilient plant. Cultivating this plant may take 9-10 weeks.

Having said all these, The Girl Scout Cookie just proves how it stands out among other strains because of the extreme satisfaction it provides for its users, not to mention its therapeutic capability to give relaxation and relief.

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