Aussie Weed, Memory, Learning and Inventing

Australian Cannabis memory, learning enhancements

Yes, marijuana can make you a bit slow after extreme heavy consumption for a solid week. But those effect are fully reversed without harm. The slight memory loss is temporary, most notably in verbal memory.

Australian “Cannabis is not dangerous over the long term, but there are short-term effects”.

These comments were made by a leading researcher at Harvard University, Harrison Pope in 2001.

So the memory loss is temporary and there are not learning disadvantage to smoking up Aussie Blue Spliff’s.

The creative and insightfulness being high offers, actually increases your creativity. That’s why California is the hub for all inventors. Almost all Californian’s smoke up, start up companies to the world’s most famous companies like Apple and Microsoft, and the countries that make Cannabis extremely illegal like China and Japan, physically built America’s inventions through hard work, not creativity. Smoking weed makes you the cutting edge innovators in the world, and we wouldn’t have all our smart phones and computers without creative people getting stone in Australia and around the world. The best strain for being creative is Amnesia Trance feminized

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