Effects of cannabis

Get high and feel good. Also relaxed and free. It’s not just about the buzz, it’s a way of thinking, a way of living. Independent thought. The effects of Cannabis come from its cannabinoids (over 400) and THC. The proportions of Cannabinoids and THC change the feeling of the high. Some high’s from Australian grown cannabis buds are energetic and others are lethargic, making you “vege” out on the couch with major munchies.

Toke up tons of THC and you’ll enjoy visual hallucinations. You’ll either be enjoying euphoria or completely paranoid.

You high will normally last 85 minutes and up to 12 hours with powerful new strains like “Aussie Blue”

If you don’t toke and decide to administer cannabis orally (like an Australian marijuana cookie or Australian Hash Brownies) the effect will take longer to start, but their during will be longer. It’s hard to measure proper dosage when eating Marijuana. So be careful. Sometimes people think they didn’t take a large enough dose and can impatient waiting for the effects to starts. This causes a huge problem double dosing or quadruple dosing as the initial dose may have been a double dose to start with. It takes over 1 hour sometimes for you to realize the orally taken cannabis starts to give you a stone. So take a small doze your first time and wait patiently. Don’t get too stoned, a good light buzz is better than too much, and you’re going to have more fun being social, so it’s better to be on the lighter side, you can always take more later to maintain a nice glow.




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  1. Heath Witherspoon on August 20, 2016 at 11:16 pm

    We an increase in the use of cannabis, heroin and LSD as part of political and social opposition to the Vietnam War , and this resulted in most Australian states gradually moving to a prohibitionist and criminal-justice orientation.

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