Effects of driving while stoned  

Effects of driving while stoned in Australia. Some may say “Why Drive And Drive When You Can Toke And Fly”. But I think we all know you shouldn’t fly an airplane under the influence of anything right? If you smoke weed in Australia and drive your car within 3 hours, you’re 50% more likely to be in a car crash. So if you toke, fly from the comfort of your couch mate.

Unlike Cocaine and Alcohol users driving under the influence, most accidents involved with cannabis are non-fatal, but the risk for a fatal accident is higher than if you didn’t toke at all. Stimulant and alcohol users tend to drive fast and dangerous. Pot heads actually tend not to go out often at all. And when they do, they tend to drive very slowly, to compensate for their delayed reaction times and memory lapse while stoned.

So to be a good and moral being, DO NOT TOKE AND DRIVE. Let’s keep our streets and children safe. Toke responsibly in the safety of your own home, not your car.

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